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Paul & Jenny Alltimes

jen and paul australia alpaca farm(1) We specialise in working simultaneously. The combination of our energies is unique and we believe enhances your treatment. Receiving a one hour, energy healing treatment in this format is equivalent to a two hour session. We believe that combining healing techniques and blending our energies, results in much improved outcomes for our clients.

We have studied and qualified in many different areas, and while knowledge and expertise is very important, we believe that intent, intuition and empathy, are the qualities that support healing at the highest level, encouraging your mind to let go and your body to relax, enabling you to embrace the experience fully.


September 2011 webcam JenMy passion for the past 20+ years has been in helping people improve their health and well being. Initially in the health and fitness industry where I worked as a coach, specialising in Exercise on Referral.This led on to a much loved post in Cardiac Rehabilitation,working with patients to aid recovery and move them back to full health.

I have been a spiritual seeker since the 1960’s when I met Paul but as so often happens, life responsibilities took over and left me little time to pursue my interests in this area. In the 1990’s I discovered Reiki and since that time have merged my work with a mind, body, spirit ethos. I subsequently studied and qualified in Holistic therapies and energy healing and have never looked back.
I retired from my role in the NHS in 2009 to enable me to focus on my work in energy healing and to offer support and guidance where-ever I can. I am committed to supporting our clients and students to grow and move forward on their chosen path and to take control of their health and all that that encompasses.


duplicate paul for croppingAs a child I was very aware of spirit and had numerous psychic experiences. I had a strong belief in the afterlife and have never doubted its’ existence. My mother was a natural psychic and an active spiritualist and my father developed his healing skills. My mother encouraged me to use a crystal ball at a very young age and as I grew up I sat in the family development circle. This gave me a thorough grounding in mediumship in all its forms. When my children were growing up I developed my spiritual healing skills and began to use healing on the family and close friends.

I furthered my healing skills by learning Maat Sekhem Reiki and Usui Reiki to Master Teacher Level.

I am also qualified as an Angel Intuitive Practitioner having trained with Doreen Virtue.