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Your Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology in word collageAt your first appointment your health and lifestyle history is taken. This is when we discuss what you expect to gain from your treatment and the approach to take.

To receive treatment all you have to do is remove your shoes and socks and relax on the therapy couch.

Following this, your feet will be wiped over with a refreshing solution. Your treatment will begin and end with a soothing foot massage. As an aromatherapist I am able to blend essential oils into the moisturising balm used. This helps to further enhance the benefits of the treatment.

Your feet and reflexes will then be worked, using specific holds and pressures. In general your treatment will feel relaxing and comforting.  Although you may possibly experience some tenderness in places, this will be brief. Sensitivity is an indicator of stress in that area, showing a weak link reflecting the need for further attention. Pressure will of course be adjusted to ensure your comfort. At no time should you feel pain from your treatment. I use a very gentle touch and have developed this way of working over many years of successful treatments.

Reflexology foot map from Zenses facebook postI will give you aftercare advice including a hand chart, which will show you reflex points along with how to work specific points on yourself between treatments.

A reflexology treatment takes an hour. It can be combined with Energy Healing into a one and a half hour treatment.