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Maternity/Fertility Reflexology

reflex babyMaternity and Fertility Reflexology supports and nurtures a woman through pre-conception, pregnancy, birth and afterwards.

How I work

I specialise in a natural approach. My aim is to balance, harmonise and increase vitality. Through reflexology and energy healing techniques. I use a gentle touch. Because I believe that this enhances the treatment and allows you to achieve total relaxation.

How can I help you?

When a couple are planning a baby it is sensible for both of them to be in optimum health. This means not only physically but also mentally and spiritually. For many couples the stress and anxiety associated with failing to conceive can be overwhelming. However, reflexology can be a great boost at this time. Because it can help you to feel more relaxed and positive.

The gentle treatment makes it very relaxing to receive. It promotes calmness and has a positive effect on the mind.

During pregnancy many changes are taking place. Reflexology can help to ease or prevent the discomforts commonly associated with pregnancy.

Treatment restores balance, relieves tension. In addition it helps maintain good health and wellbeing.

Research also shows that those receiving regular treatments during pregnancy have shorter labours and less pain

Postnatally reflexology helps to restore balance, reduce tension, increase vitality and aid restful sleep.

Contact me if you feel that I may be able to help

Reflexology has been an important part of us trying to conceive and throughout pregnancy. Not only has it helped to relax me but I also feel the additional benefits that help the ailments I have had. Jenny makes a lot of time to discuss every aspect of the treatment and how I am feeling to ensure I get the most out of each session. There is no aspect I would change.” Hazel B.