Inner Essence Healing

Healing from the Heart

Healing responses

byron sunset croppedIt is important for you to understand that healing takes place on many levels and your healing response will be unique to you.

Every healing is different, you draw whatever you need at the time.

As the energy moves through you there may, or may not, be physical and emotional responses.

Not everybody experiences these responses, many are so subtle that you don’t notice them. The energy still flows whether you feel its sensation or not.

You will receive the most benefit if you can let go of any expectations and simply go with the flow.

It is impossible to predict what your response to healing will be but for information purposes we have listed a few below.

Seeing or sensing colours.

Feelings of heat or coolness in different areas of the body.

Heightened senses- some people get a waft of fragrance drifting past them.

Spasmodic twitching.

Falling asleep.

Limbs feeling very heavy and relaxed.