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Free Distant Healing

If you or someone you know would like to receive free distant healing please complete the form below.

  • crystal grid close upOn receipt of your request we will add you to our list and begin sending distant healing within 24 hours.
  • Energies are sent daily for 28 consecutive days.
  • All free healing is sent in a group format. We have many requests on a daily basis and often send distant healing to over 100 people on our healing list at any one time. This healing therefore, is not as in depth as our one to one sessions.
  • You might also be interested in The Distant Healing Network who send healing energies for 7 days at a time,this is also a free service.
RainbowWe use a Distant Healing Crystal Grid and an Angel Prayer Bowl as our focus.

If you would prefer to purchase a bespoke one to one distant healing please go here

Your details are safe with us, we do NOT share them with anyone else.

We are now receiving a high volume of requests for free distant healing and we wish to focus on sending healing rather than sending emails. So have decided not to send email replies to your request. Please rest assured however that healing will be sent out to every person who requests it.

Thank you for each and every request that you send to us. We are honoured to have your trust.

Love and Blessings to each of you.

Distant Healing Request Form

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