Inner Essence Healing

Healing from the Heart

Reiki Energy Healing

When energy is flowing freely you are full of vitality, radiant and joyful.

Burst of lightHowever for many of us, attaining this state is challenging to say the least. Due to the pressures of modern day living, disturbances and disruptions are created within our energy field and unless addressed can lead to mental, emotional and physical problems.

Reiki energy healing helps to restore balance and improve energy flow. In turn this creates potential for you to live a life flowing with abundance. A life filled with happiness, success, love and good health.

Energy, also known as prana, ki and chi is the life force of the universe and everything within it.

It surrounds you, embraces you and connects you to all things. Everything within and around you is made up of energy. Each of you is part of one amazing and vibrant universal energy field.

This life force pulses through you and is the template for your physical being. You have many aspects and they are all connected, body, mind, emotions, soul.

On a spiritual level energy healing helps you to connect with that wise part of you – Your higher self.