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Reiki energy healing treatment

cropped archangel michaelAt your first appointment we take a health history and discuss what you hope to gain from your treatment.

Reiki is used to great effect for a wide variety of reasons. It can help you with specific problems of a physical, mental or emotional nature. Many use it regularly to aid relaxation, especially if they lead a stressful life. It helps you to maintain good health and wellbeing.

Reiki is increasingly being used to support people receiving medical care in our hospitals and hospices and is fast gaining a good reputation in these settings due to its gentle and non invasive nature.

Your reiki treatment is carried out while you lie on a therapy couch in our comfortable and tranquil therapy room. You remain fully clothed throughout and only need remove your shoes. However, if you are unable to lie down you may receive treatment whilst seated in a chair.


Please allow up to 75 minutes for your reiki treatment. 60 minutes is normally the required time but on occasions we may need a little longer.

We play relaxing music softly in the background. You are however more than welcome to bring your favourite relaxation music CD if you prefer.

How it works

The Reiki energy is channelled through our hands which are placed gently, on or slightly above your body. Both ways are effective and you will absorb as much energy as you require via your energy centres (chakras).

How it feels

Sensations You may experience a wide range of sensations during your treatment. For instance you may feel the energy as heat, coolness, tingling or involuntary jerks. Alternatively you may experience a sense of floating, a deep sleep state. Similarly you may sense or see colours, you may see or feel spirit or you may be aware of angels. In addition at times nothing is felt at all apart from a sense of deep relaxation. The energy still flows whether you feel its sensation or not.

Emotions You may experience a range of emotions while you receive treatment. Energy healing works on every level of your being and may bring these emotions to the surface for you to release. In conclusion it is impossible to predict what range of emotions may be released. Each person has a unique response. Therefore the outcome will always be positive. That of peace, love and deep relaxation.

  • Reiki energy healing treatment one hour £40