Inner Essence Healing

Healing from the Heart

Reiki Distant healing

Reiki healing is not limited by time or distance. We connect with your energy in exactly the same way. It is just as powerful whether you are in our presence or many miles away.

We have absolute faith in the healing process and we do a good deal of our work via distant healing to great effect.

Requirements All that we need is your full name in order to connect with you. We will also ask you a few questions prior to your treatment, this gives you the opportunity to focus on any issues that you wish us to address and allows us to be well prepared for your session.

RainbowPreparation A full reiki distant healing treatment would take 60 minutes but we do offer a 30 minute treatment if you prefer. We agree a suitable time with you and ask that you create a relaxing atmosphere where you won’t be disturbed and away from distractions. You may like to play gentle music, light a candle or have soft light. You can be either inside or out in nature whatever feels right for you.

Receiving At the pre-arranged time you need to lie down in a comfortable postition and relax. We will work on you for the agreed time but you may find that you fall asleep following treatment. This is perfectly normal and to be encouraged.

Afterwards We always give feedback following treatment and would be interested in your own experience if you care to share. We also draw an Angel card on your behalf at the end of your treatment with additional guidance. We send our feedback via email. Please allow up to 24 hours following your treatment for this.

Radiate love from your heart