Inner Essence Healing

Healing from the Heart

Coping strategies

When you are under stress and feel lost, confused, angry and overwhelmed you need space to find out why. The answers lie within you. Getting in touch with them gives you the freedom to recover your balance and regain inner peace.

Somewhere deep inside you is that sixth sense we call intuition. The better tuned your sense of inner space, the louder will be the voice of your intuition. Learn to trust this inner wisdom. Make time on a regular basis to tune in to your wise inner self and allow your heart wisdom to guide you.

A short easy exercise to calm you. Imagine your tension oozing away like wax dripping from a burning candle


Sit down and gently close your eyes. Turn your attention inward…Notice your breathing and the surfaces that support you…Allow thoughts that cross your mind to drift…

As you relax, imagine yourself in a dark quiet room…..A lighted candle is set on the table…..Focus on the candle as the blue flame flickers and creeps slowly downward toward the melting wax….. creating a small pool of liquid on top of the candle. As the wick burns, this pool slowly becomes too large for the space holding it and starts to overflow…..much like the tension in your body that builds up and seeks release….. As you continue to watch the candle, drops of melted wax escapes the lip of the candle and slides slowly down the side…..Now imagine that the melting wax is the tension in your body and mind: escaping, oozing, finding its own release

When you are ready, blow out the candle, return your focus to the present moment and your surroundings. Bringing back with you a sense of release and calm.

A Brief Relaxation

Whenever you recognise stress in your body, wherever you are. In a traffic jam or standing in a supermarket queue.

  1. STOP

Carry on whatever you were doing a little more slowly than before.