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Angel Intuitive Readings

Angel Intuitive Readings offer insights into your life to help you to see things more clearly.

Your intuitive reading can give information about your soul journey and  life path which can help you make decisions in this area.

I offer insightful guidance to help you to move forward confidently and to enable you to make positive change.

Each reading is individual to you. It will contain a mixture of clairsentience, clairvoyance, psychometry and Angel Oracle cards.

I work with more than one Angel Card deck which helps give a clearer picture.

You may choose to receive your reading in person or via email or video call. Please allow up to an hour for your reading.

Your reading is carried out by a fully qualified and a certified Angel Intuitive™ Having trained with Doreen Virtue in Australia in November 2009.

“Angel Intuitives (AIs) are powerful psychics and healers who work primarily with the angelic realm. With the intention of helping themselves and others on their spiritual path or for guidance in any area of their life. 

UK law requires me to inform you that:

  • all readings are deemed for entertainment purposes only.
  • you are responsible for your own life choices and decisions.
  • I am unable to read for any person under 18 years of age.
  • Angel Intuitive Reading £35